Collectibles & 1/1 pieces

Badass Digital Jewelry

This collection is made to complement a few of my other collections, can’t say much until other projects are moving forward. However, owning these as tokens you’ll get whitelisted to special drops, merch and gifts.

It will only be minted in Hic Et Nunc, in order to keep a big source of pieces in the Tezoz Blockchain and keep more pieces in a more affordable platform.

My prehispanic Bling Bling collection is an intent to bring a hip feel to prehispanic iconography and symbolisms. A big background research has been inspiring me to create pieces that not only teach us about history but also looks appealing and fashinable.

Included Files


Animated NFTs.

After purchase, buyer will get access to the minted file as high resolution as we can upload. Other resolutions and adaptations might be available for buyers as special requests.

  • 2048 x 2048 pixels video animation



First 10 sold

I will reveal the use of future tokens.

20 Sold

I will air drop a special token for future use in other blockchains.

+30 Sold

The next sales will unlock merch and more physical pieces. TBA
Growing Collection

Prehispanic Bling Bling

These pieces will be useful for future drops like tokes to whitelists, merch and other exclusive drops.

Get it in Hic Et Nunc