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Multi-disciplinary creative agency with lots of skills around Architecture, Web & CGI.

Offering digital services since 2010, with architectural visualization expertise, we developed a few other skills to begin our search helping all kinds of companies. We are now entering the NFT world, this page is dedicated to that artwork.

Ongoing collections

For the Love of Neon Known Origin
Light Cores Foundation
Dumper Truck Hic Et Nunc
Little Scenes Showtime

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For the Love of Neon

Developed with different versions of a theme, character, derivative or original work art, these pieces feature CGI rendered 3D neon signs.

Light Core

A metaphorical story about the way we, individuals and communities, are constantly over saturated physically and mentally.

Little People

As a way to try the minting process in Showtime.io, we decided to use a series of graphics we have created for our Instagram profile, —mostly featuring our own assets.

Miner Truck

We are adding some value with 2D Rendering and 3D models together. Collect the truck before we add the item and get the item air-dropped on your $TEZ wallet.

Other Projects

Contest, awards and collaborations.


Neon Spy Pidgie

1 July 2022

Light Core

7 February 2022

Neon Habibi Sign

12 January 2022

Honorary Neon Shiba

10 December 2021

Neon Cool Cat

19 November 2021

Neon Monster Icon

11 November 2021

Neon Crypto Calavera

7 November 2021

EVOL Art Comp

7 October 2021
Everything else

We also offer a wide range of services and products.


3D and 2D visuals for Architecture, show your project in full construction before it has even

CGI & 3D

Useful for prototypes, we generate visuals and product presentations in any scenarios you need, adding professional post-production with style.

Brands & Web

We develop full cohesive brands, including everything you need for all platforms to present an impactful and memorable brand.


We offer here a fast way to find all our updates, some tutorials and important information about our products.

The Market

Digital Assets to save you time and effort. We offer 3D Models, Graphics. —More categories coming soon.


We offer some of our designs in printed products like Posters and Canvases


Papercraft templates that you can put together yourself, check out the Digital & Printed.


Come check out all the free files we offer everywhere we can, all files are available forever!