Take your projects to the next level

Creative and effective designs with great quality. We offer a wide range of techniques to make your projects stand out form the competition.


Architectural Visualization

On-point mood for your interior design and architectural projects. Realistic and conceptual styles for every kind of client.


Graphics and 3D art

Any product you need, rendered in any place you require. There are no limits!


From the store

Lowpoly people, exclusive models with our unique style!


Exterior Rendering

Architectural Visualization for exteriors, great quality and delivery times.


Illustrations for PX

Wiining entry to develop a set of images for their website


Interior Rendering

Great for Interior design projects with amazing quality.


3D Isometrics

Our entry for the contest with a 3D city full of amazing details

We are Studio Ochi

A creative team dedicated to improve your projects with a wide variety of skills.

Developing unique and original concepts to make you stand from the crowd. We apply our big love for art, architecture, graphic design, music, travelling, CGI and technology, as a result, every project that we touch has a little bit of them.

Everything in one place

From hand drawings,, photography, animations, 3D modelling, 3D sculpting, rendering, photo edition, CGI, web creation, logotypes, branding, visual image, publicity/web/social networks content, furniture design, interior design, products/prototypes, as well as, architectural visualization, architecture distribution, concept design and digital representation.


More than 10 years of experience, offering you adaptable and highly customizable services with a big range of capabilities.


We shape our workflow for your project, reaching a bigger audience with more possibilities than the competition.


High resolution images, real time units and awesome details everywhere, we offer you the best results for every project.


We shape experiences to leave a long-lasting mark in your clients with a big understanding in what they look for.



Everything you need to visualize your unbuilt projects, for example, digital modelling, photo-realistic rendering for interiors and exteriors with professional post-production.

  • Realistic visualization
  • Technical visualization
  • Concept representation
  • 360º Panoramas
  • Virtual tours
  • 3D models


3D Arts & Graphic Design

Highly detailed and exclusive graphics or digital assets for instance: publicity, commercials, sales pitches, infographics, videogames, short films and marketing.

  • Logos
  • Branding & Visual Image
  • Sales Pitch & Infographics
  • Stationery
  • 3D Modelling
  • Product Visualization



We take care of everything. Amazing websites, fully customizable and ready for your team to administrate after development, update and publish.

  • WordPress-based
  • Domain/Hosting
  • Mobile Adaptative
  • Ecommerce Ready
  • Blog Ready
Your project is perfect, now

Show it with style

When it comes to call a clients’ attention, outstanding visuals are some of your best shots. We know how to target your clients and get the best from your project to show exactly that, in the most stunning way possible.

01. Start

Send us the information about your project, be sure to include all important details, expectations and deadlines.

02. Your page

As soon as we agree terms, we will activate a password protected page in our website, dedicated to your project.

03. Feedback

In this page you can give us your feedback and follow the evolution on your project, this way everything can be registered until final release.

04. Release

With your final confirmation, we will get your files ready with download links, we will leave this page online for as long as you need.

About us

From our clients’ perspective
99d profile

Studio Ochi completes great work, detailed, outstanding graphic designer; and flexible in consumer service.

Dr. Melveena D. Edwards99 designs

Great to work with, I enjoyed it.

Anonymous client99 designs

Great to work with and a very good eye! I hope to work with them again.

Anonymous client99 designs

Top notch designer, incredible attention to detail and persistent when asked to make small changes. Fantastic job and we will definitely be working together again!

DanilovDaniil - Campus Jack99 designs

Nice illustrations!

Anonymous client99 designs

Great Design. Right on the money. Looking to hire again!

Anonymous client99 designs

We also make assets

High quality assets to help you projects stand out form the competition and let you focus on the improtant stuff.


Lowpoly People

Themed people with great style for your projects. We developed a whole collection of lowpoly…
3D render farm animals lowpoly model

Lowpoly Animals

Our very unique and original collection of lowpoly animals, base mesh and poses to fit…
Planet Earth 3D Render


Work in Process - Our much expected collection with planets, spaceships, astronauts, aliens and much…