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From base meshes to realistic vegetation, lowpoly assets, videos, printable foldable sculptures and more.

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Our Main Categories

Better results with great assets

We create professional quality files with cool style and detail.

Depending on the type of file, here we describe some of their general details, so that you can be sure you’re getting what you’re looking for.

3D Models

Base Meshes, 3D Models, 3D Printable Objects, HDRIs, Full scenes, Videogame Assets, Materials and Textures.


Vectors, Graphics and great visuals for your projects, rendered PNGs to place in your designs and more!


2D Printable objects that you can fold easily, fun origami-style animals, humas, objets and scenes.


Great files for your presentations, website backgrounds, ambientation and looped videos with great quality.

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3D Models

If you’re looking for realistic or artistic looks, we offer exclusive and original files with lots of possibilities.

Scenes, HDRIs, Furniture, Lowpoly, Vegetation, Characters, Space, Vehicles, Buildings
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We develop our 3D files in Blender (.BLEND). Everything included is layered properly with names, hierarchy and grouping to ease your work on complex files.


Quads (4-edged faces) are very important for a good quality model, always with less than 10%of polygon faces being triangles in our models.


No loose vertices, No misplaced edges, No overlapped faces & No gaps or cracks. All normals pointing outwards and all poles with 5 edges tops.


Clean and flattened UV wraps for every model, avoiding streched faces, all UV Maps have a neat distribution.


Every model will be placed above ground level and in 0,0,0. With +Z axis set as up.


Our models are made with world scales and standard units, so that they will fit your existing models when your work on complex files.

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