[3D] Low Poly Animals Compilation – 50+ Stylish & Unique Packs

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A forever growing compilation of all our low poly animals now and many more to come.

We designed our own collection of low poly animals, each with natural poses, a base mesh and UV maps. All our low poly animals are unwrapped, even posed ones.

  • Best low poly style
  • 100% Original
  • Up to 95% quads, most have 100%
  • Base mesh included
  • 6 natural poses
  • Real world scales
  • Attention to detail
  • Realistic proportions
  • UV Unwrapped – low stretch


Only here!

Farm (20) Animals Pack

15 adult animals: Horse, Bull, Buffalo, Cow, Donkey, Llama, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Shepherd Dog, Turkey, Rooster, Hen, Bunny, Cat. 5 cubs: Calf, Foal, Lamb, Piglet, Chick

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UV Maps Included

Get independent access to all animals compilation, updated when we upload new animals to our collection.

Low Poly Animals Included