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  • Foldables are back! 
    • We are working everyday to bring foldables back, we will also add new versions that you can get at home and put together with amazing patterns and amazing capabilitites.
  • Lowpoly People
    • Sitting, Running, Handicapped, Sports, Hazmat, Astronaut/Space People.
  • Animals
    • Bison, Goose, Alpaca, Shark, Turtle, Turtoise, Salmon, Eagle.
  • Animal Packs
    • Forest, Desert, Grassland, Tundra, Aquatic, Canines Pack.
  • Sports Fields
    • Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Baseball.
  • New Prints will be available soon
    • We will also add a new prints section to get some of our digital arts printed and sent to your home.

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Free File of the Month

Free File of th Month October 2021